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Photo Albums Bookmarks Wall Art Reproductions

Welcome to Secret Scents

Vicky Doganis is the founder and creative force behind Secret Scents, Inc. Her two degrees in fashion art and design inspire her to create beautiful, handmade products. Although her first love is Victorian inspired designs, over the years, she has expanded to include more designs.

Our Unique Product Line

Vicky's creativity shines through in Secret Scents' extensive product line which includes Photo Albums, Pillows, Guest & Address Books, Sachets, CD albums, Tapestries, Wall Art Reproductions, Candles, Baby Blankets, Framed Photo Albums, Jewelry, Perfume Bottles, Jewelry Boxes, Scroll Art, with leading which are all adorned with Swarovski Crystals and of course, her famous Bookmarks.

Vicky named the company Secret Scents because it all started with the creation of her lovely, scented Aromatherapy Bookmarks that emit an everlasting scent, and the ingredients still remain a secret today!

Her unique creativity and desire to constantly create new works of art, as well as her original works of art bring originality to the array of existing products, combined with her attention to detail, shows why the slogan for Secret Scents truly is:

"The Art of Anything Beautiful is in the Details."

Secret Scents Team